Břehyňský pond

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Břehyňský pond
Břehynský pond was founded in the 14th century. The whole area is protected since the 1st Republic and in 1967 it became a nature reserve. NPR Břehyně - Pecopala consists of two areas, which ideally divides the roads of Doksy - Mimoň.

The main feature of Pecopala is the hill Pec (Pecopala), the center of Břehyně is of course Břehynský pond.

View of the elevation above the house U Lekninu near the Water Garden near the dam of the pond, which allegedly had a Wallenstein built wooden tower, which served as an observer of eventual occurrence of forest fires. Today is the top of the oak, the foundations of original buildings and several cellars are preserved to this day.

The whole house is non-smoking. Smoking is possible in the garden.

Accommodation only without pets.